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RedRose Magic Moon Dragon
#1 Oh, the redRose Magic Moon Dragon
A RoseGoddess Moon SongCalendar
Based on a poem by John H. Pickens
illustrations & subliminal art by artist michaelm
Oh, the Red Rose Magic Moon Dragon
  From our young maiden’s candle-lit bedroom, surrounded by the rose garden, she inhales the misty scent of roses, about to burst in bloom.
  Tossing in bed, in nights past, anticiating an arrival of the rarely sighted beastly, Magic Moon Dragon.
  Kaydance now silently wonders, "How long must I wait? In what hour, day or night?"
  To catch her quicken silvery flight, across the moon. Into a sparkling sky who belongs to Nuit, the Goddess of Night.
  Drawn into the garden, Kaydance, is a wondrous sight to see, to both Mother and "Gran" is She.
  She becomes the moon light, that catches her face, on the soft cool soil, found at her very base.
  Her silken hair and robe, brush the dampened evening leaves.
  Mother, tending to the central rose bush, stands up from behind.
  Mother calls to Gran, heard entering the garden from the back.
  Mother approaches Kaydance, knowing her little one is soon to enter the ancient Holy Goddess Trinity.
  Of Gran, Mother, and Maiden.
  They are to bring her into the age of the redRose Magic Moon Dragon.
  She is to see the why and what of her Magical 13 Moon Cycle.
  To find her intimate relationship with the rose and herbal cures with a generational promise of good health.
  In time, she will begin to know her LivingSong. As revealed in colors, rhythm and music.
  On her Magical Moon SongCalendar.
“Moon Light, Moon Bright.”

“Oh, redRose Dragon,
will I see this night.
Oh Dragon in her flight?”

“Cup of my grandmothers,
From whom I will drink.
Rose Hip tea to help me think.”

“Moon Light, Moon Bright.”

“Replenishing herbal magics,
Performed inside me. Eternal.
As the ebb and flow of the sea”

“The tide within me,
Will soon be.
I am soon to see.”

“Moon Light, Moon Bright.”

“I feel her magics in sight,
Her Living Song begins alright.
On this very night.”

“I sence her on this day,
redRose Dragon is at play.
She comes this way.”

“Moon Light, Moon Bright.”

“I can know in everyway,
The redRose Dragon at play.
Soon to leave, she will not stay.”

“I want to begin,
I wish for the magics within.
I see now. It’s not a sin.”

Mother says,

“The garden roses each a dyne,
They smell and shine.
Oh, so very fine.”

“The flow from your vine,
Will soon resemble wine.
Just give it time.”

“The garden roses each in rhyme,
They smell and shine.
Oh, so very fine.”

“You are now in line,
Your Magic moonFlo will refine.
Does color as wine.”

Kaydance says,

“The Magic Moon Dragon I pray,
Within me here today.
And it’s okay.”

I will learn the way,
To know, love, and say,
The magics anyway.”

“I will learn the array,
“Of magicks healing ballet.
They are here to stay.”

“The rose hips stop and see,
They do comfort me.
They free my pain in tea.”

“Flowing free in my vains they be.
With Iron and Vitamin C.
Replacing magicks in me.”

“redRose Dragon’s prize.
“Leaves her in relief without whys.
Tilí the next moon rise.”

“A day in disguise of night,
Her moonFlo ebbs in bright.
All to her delight.”

“Oh, redRose Dragon at dawn,
As promised is now withdrawn.
She is now gone.”

“As life renews strong,
Her promise along.
Is a brand new song.”

“Flying at night to feel,
On red quills and scales do speel.
Hard as the Knight’s steel.”

Mother says,

“Count a moon cycle peaks,
And wait four weeks.
Then time speaks.”

“A new life cannot begin,
As she is told when.
She “femifest’s” again.”

Kaydance says,

“Oh, redRose Dragon,
I can now see.
You are never a sin to me.”

“Oh, redRose Dragon amen,
Only she, knows when.
To return again.”

“She knows to be careful,
And full of cheer.
Both far and near.”

A moment of doubt,
Chaos and uncertainty about.
Kadence blurted out...

“What if,
All the stars.
All the moon might die?”

“What if,
redRose Dragon will not fly?”
Just some of her cry.

Gran, crystal in hand is near,
touches her to keep her clear.
and calms the fear.

“Come, the roses inhere,
Not to worry, my dear.
They are, you hear.”

“Come, the roses my,
Kaydance knows why.
Said Gran with a sigh.”

“Come, the rose essence,
The roseHips offer balance.
When served in allowance.”

“Gran reveals secrets of old,
As her gran before like gold.
Tales unfold, till now untold.”

“Clear and bold in a phrase,
Each calendar is ablaze.
Colors of music, never a haze.”

Time of Mother Earth,
Its December now in worth.
Month of compleation and rebirth.

Symbol of life’s tree.
13 cycles for ye.
Each a MoonSong Melody.

Gran sings,

“I sing my song,
To what’s left of the forest.
For so long.”

Mother sings,

“I sing my song,
For all the colors before us,
As heard in the dawn.”

Kaydance sings,

“I sing to renew,
The answer sacred and true.
Goddess Trinity is alive and new.”

Mother and Gran both tell.

“Her Magic Crystals do light,
Keeps her Dragon spell.
With might.”

“Roses in a candle-lit night,
Keeps her Dragon spell.
In tight.”

“Moon-lit Magic Crystal night,
Keeps Her Dragon spell.
In sight.”

Gran sings,

“To honor and to celebrate,
She knows straight,
She must participate.”

“When Dragon comes to thee,
A rhythm of 13 moons by degree,
You will see.”

Mother sings,

“Count 28 days with me.
That’s the key.
364 sunrises will there be,”

“In Rhythm I find my power,
For time is a flower.
All in this hour.”

Gran sings,

“From doe, re, mi, to la, ti, doe,
Days of rhythm & song,
Heard in ten days of flow.”

“From light, to heavy,
To light again.
Your colors are from within.”

Kaydance sings,

“Magic SongCalendar of rose”
A pallette of 21 color flows.
As I do compose.”

“From light, to heavy yin,
to light again.”
“like an intuition from within”

“My unique rhythm and tone,
Is a sacred blessing shone.
One and alone.”

“Her global symphony is key,
For her work in progress is free.
With color, music and clarity.”

“Oh, RedRose Dragon aright,
In the starry bright light.
Guide my dreams tonight.”

“In a Crystalline night.
I see the shimmering rite,
Of candles, moon and starlight.

“I wish you good fortune quite,
In your rythmic flight.
I know you are good and right”

Kaydance sings,

“Rhythm opens the door,
Returns so much more.
From within my very core.”

“My Mother ancestors do sleep,
They run true and deep.
My roots do keep.”

Kaydance sings,

“Oh, the silence strong,
Not word nor song.
5000 years, now long gone.”

“The generational singalong endear.
Tonight there's no fear.
Her LivingSong we do hear.”
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