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How to use the M Song Calendar:
your rhythm is your power

Women who experience a "regular" menstrual or moonFlo cycle will see 13 in 1 year. And yet she will only celebrate 12 cycles... experiencing 2 menstrual cycles in 1 month... very subtle and fundamentally confusing on the most subliminal of levels. "Your center is freedom... your rhythm is power... your dance partner is time."

hear your rhythm & song

7 days = 1 week, 28 days = 1 month, 13 months = 1 year of 364 days... at year’s end, honor and celebrate her fertility and love with 1 extra day, the 365th. And every 4th year honor her with 2 days.

mark your days of flow

...from light to heavy, to light again... be sure to note your feelings each day with one color. Your musical note of the day. Ebb after ebb, moon after moon... 4 weeks become F-A-C-E on the musical scale... colors turn to musical notes and your flow is your rhythm. Each month is a measure... each year a score. 4 years begins a chorus... 14 years a concerto. Your unique rhythm is but one in her global symphony

time is your dance partner

Oh there’s more... let’s take a closer look at your calendar. Begin your first day of the year on Sunday, then every second Friday becomes Friday the 13th... for 13 months. Which is why it’s unlucky for the patriarchal. That day reminds you of your rhythmic connection to your ancestors and the root of your power. They fear the day you collectively remember and regain your ancient glory in both rhythm and song.

"As the moon finds her moonFlo at rest,
she offers her #LivingSong up to life"

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You can also follow your song calendar with a simple deck of playing cards
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your MoonFlo Melodies in 13 Measures
the first & only calendar to reveal & celebrate
your LivingSong in 28 days • in 13 moons
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your rhythm is power
hear your rhythm & song
mark your days of flow
time is your dance partner
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