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The m SongCalendar was conceived while investigating the oldest known calendar in the world. I found one, carved on a whale’s bone 106,000 years ago. It was crude by todays standards. It seemed to be a lunar calendar. The days in each of those grooves in each section or month appeared to be of the same depth. However I submit that 10 days in each month were drilled deeper than the other grooves.

The first three days would appear to be deeper than the last. The fourth day would be lowest depth as were the following three days. On the seventh day it would reverse in depth, mirroring the corresponding first three days. The clue to what kind of calendar I was imagining. What seemed to be a lunar calendar is actually the first recorded “regular” menstrual cycle.

Then came the eureka moment. One night I was thinking of how 13 months would look side by side. Four weeks lined up in a strangely familiar way. A child of the 1950s, I spent a lot of time under a grand piano in an orchestra pit in both rehersals and performances.

My father, Donald m, musician of wind instuments, favored the sax. He was appointed conductor of the Million Dollar Theater in downtown Los Angeles for seven years. My early life in and around sheet music.

The four weeks became F - A - C - E on the musical scale. The five lines that divided the weeks becomes “Every Good Boy Does Fine”. Each day of moonFlo represents rhythm and color is music. Each represents a specific note. Each month is a measure, and 13 months evolves into a score.

Her daily flow reveals her rhythm. Her daily color combined with her rhythm reveals her unique song. I submit that each gouge on that ancient calendar was filled with a vegetable color. The depth was interpreted as rhythm and maybe the sustaining notes.

music staff & color notes

The Goal:

Since the establishment of the patriarcal twelve month calendar around five thousand years ago, the menstrual, or “Femimfest” calendar has been pushed aside and gradually ignored, except for the agricultural community. Over time, women have given up their calendar for simple expediency. But in doing so she has given up her center, her balance, her power, within and without.

Follow your rhythm and song with the M Song Calendar. You will find your center and therefore your power. All the while revealing your life‘s song in time. Now imagine what your local community must sound like. I truly believe the m Song was a tradition practiced with great reverence by our ancestors.

All figurines that predate 3000 BCE are female. Women sang their songs and dance in the fields on nights of collective moonFlo. She gives birth to humanity, she makes the harvest bountiful, and its all through her we come to understand time itself. Woman is an extension of both mother earth and sister moon.

As we begin the Next Millennium:

This the year 2012 has many wonderous things, we will see the end of the Mayan Calendar, and the close of the Twelfth millennium. I‘m using the end of the last ice age, twelve thousand yeas ago, as our temporal marker. On the first day of the year 2013 we will begin the Thirteenth millennium.

Our sisters are to enter in rhythm and in concert with each other. Consciously achieving balance and with each new cycle, she introduces her new measures of song world wide. The very earth herself requires your song.

michaelm artist / philosopher
Copyright Notice:
Even though I believe my songCalendar was in use for thousands of generations,
I will still retain the copyrights until proven correct.
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